Cheese Fondue

This recipe scales easily. Ingredient amounts are scaled to 1 person where noted, just multiply these by number of people.

Cooking time: 30min

Total time: 30min


  • 100g Gruyere cheese per person
  • 100g Appenzeller cheese per person
  • 100ml dry white wine per person (e.g. Riesling)
  • 1.5tsp of Kirsch per person
  • 1tsp of corn starch per person
  • 1 freshly baked baguette per person (OR 0.5 loafs of store-bought baguette or other long bread per person)
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • freshly ground nutmeg


  • caquelon or fondue pot & burner
  • fondue forks (at least one per person)


  • Grate the cheese. Mix the cornstarch with the Kirschwasser (there should be no lumps). Cut the clove of garlic in half and use it to rub the inside of your fondue pot. Cut the bread into bite sized cubes (2-3cm are a good size if you are unsure).
  • In a normal pot combine white wine and cheese. Slowly melt on medium heat under stirring until liquid.
  • Once melted add the starch-Kirsch-mixture under constant stirring. The goal here is to thicken the cheese soup into something more resembling a thin pudding. Season with pepper and nutmeg.
  • When you are satisfied with the consistency, transfer to your caquelon or other fondue pot, place on burner and serve with the bread.